Hi, I'm Sarah Pierce, and I make games!

I especially like puzzles and other brain teasers, such as word games, crosswords, sudokus, and jigsaws. My favorite games are those that are both good for your brain and super fun to play.

My games are available for iOS, Android, and Amazon.

I hope you have as much fun playing my games as I had making them!

sarah pierce
brain yoga
Brain Yoga is a great way to train your brain and relax at the same time. It has six puzzle types that focus on memory, vocabulary, numeracy, and more. I especially like its soothing zen music. It is also available for Android and Amazon.
word search +
Word Search + is a relaxing word search game that helps you learn trivia while you play. It has 100 word lists packed with interesting stuff to learn. Picking which words to include took a long time! You can also get it for Android and Amazon.
pop words
PopWords! is an addictive word-finding game for all ages. People especially like the daily puzzle, where you can see how your score compares to everyone else who played that day. You can even watch the winning solution!
word jigsaw
Word Jigsaw is a jigsaw puzzle where the pieces fit together to make words instead of pictures. Of all my games, this is the one I play most often. It can be incredibly challenging for such a simple game! You can also get it for Android and Amazon.
word search puzzles +
Word Search Puzzles + lets you play ten fresh categories every day for free! Themes cover both pop culture and educational topics, and are sometimes just extremely silly jokes! Word Search Puzzles + is also available for Android and Amazon.
heart sudoku
♥Sudoku is a colorful sudoku game. The number tiles look like shiny hard candies, and they twinkle to celebrate your progress. Your stats are tracked over time, and you can also compare your records and averages to other players.
crystal caverns
Crystal Caverns is a bubble shooter puzzle game. All 150 levels were designed by hand and then tested many times, so I have beaten every single level. Can you? Crystal Caverns is also available for Android and Amazon.
codewords +
Codewords + is a fun twist on crossword puzzles that is similar to cryptograms. The letters have been replaced with numbers. To solve the puzzle you will need to crack the code. Thankfully the easier levels start with some letters filled in!
crossword jigsaw puzzles
Crossword Jigsaw Puzzles are a new type of jigsaw puzzle for word game lovers. A crossword puzzle has been broken into pieces. To solve the puzzle, look for pieces that can be joined to make words. Can you reassemble the whole puzzle?
missing link
Missing Link is a mind bending word completion game. The same group of letters has been removed from each of three words. Can you figure out the "missing link" that completes all three words?
Gobstoppers is a fun matching game! Match colors to try to clear the board, or give your brain a real workout looking for matches by color or shape. In maze mode there is a single chain that covers the whole board. Can you find it?
hangman themes
Hangman Themes is hangman with a trivia twist! Test your skills in eight categories: songs, movies, animals, books, food, geography, vocabulary, and figures of speech. I learned a lot of trivia myself while creating all the word lists for this game ☺.
cross stitch maker
Cross Stitch Maker lets you draw photorealistic cross stitch pictures on your iPhone or iPad! Create easily with the built-in borders, clipart, and type tool. You won't believe how realistic your finished picture is!
sudoku killer
Sudoku Killer is twist on the classic sudoku puzzle that is perfect for those who think regular sudoku is too easy! These puzzles can be very challenging, and require totally new strategies. It is also available for Android and Amazon.
crossword scramble
In Crossword Scramble every word in a crossword puzzle has been scrambled. To finish the whole puzzle, you will need to unscramble all the words. Some of the words are really tough, but the overlaps can help a lot!
learn sudoku
Learn Sudoku helps you learn to play sudoku very gradually by stepping through nine puzzle levels. It starts with very simple puzzles that are five times smaller than regular sudokus. It even explains the rules clearly using pictures!
Conundra is a simple word game that is hard to put down. Each round there are five words to unscramble. Can you solve them all? Great practice for word games like Scrabble, Boggle, and the Jumble! Also available for Android and Amazon.
poker chicken
Poker Chicken is a unique game of chance and of skill. Try to call the best hand as you flip through a deck of cards. Can you hang on longer to find a better one? Or will you hang on too long and run out of luck? Also available for Android.
sudoku schoool
Sudoku School is great for kids and other beginners! It has tiny puzzles and very clear instructions that make Sudoku easy to learn. There is also a Pro version that is perfect for schools and is available through the Volume Purchase Program.
conundra math
Conundra Math is a fun game that will train you to do mental arithmetic fast! Can you figure out how to combine the numbers you are given to hit the target? There is a Pro version that is great for the classroom and is available through the Volume Purchase Program.
draw 3d
Draw 3D makes it easy to create your own magical hidden 3D images. Simply draw something, then click a button to see your drawing in 3D! No 3D glasses required, but you do have to get the hang of blurring your eyes to see the image!
heart sudoku If you need help or have any feedback, please feel free to send me an email. Your suggestions can help make my games even better! To hear about new games as soon as they come out, email me at this address to sign up for my newsletter. Thanks for stopping by!